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Unleash - occult World War II era-inspired online multiplayer line tower wars game. Unleash is based on the ‘Tower Wars’ game genre, specifically drawing inspiration from the tower wars concept called ‘Line Tower Wars’.

As a commander from a secret occult order with dozens of deadly defenses, you must defend your base against the onslaught of monsters summoned by your enemies. All the while your occultists - gifted children known as “Psychers” - unleash hordes of your own.

Will you pound monsters with machine guns, torch them with flamethrowers, or electrocute them with Tesla coils? Will you overrun your enemies with razor-legged monsters, or bypass your enemies’ defenses with lava-clad demons? All gloves are off in this epic battle for domination of the occult forces.

Unleash is currently in development aiming for a Steam Early Access release late 2017. This means that the game will still undergo major changes and additional content and features will be added before the final release of the game.


Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on our game project! We are always happy to hear from our players and other interested parties.


Press Kit

Developer: DeSync Studios

Development: The game development started October 2016.

Press Contact: press@unleashgame.com

Beta Download Page:

Store: Steam

Early Access Release Date: 2017

Final Release Date: 2018 (estimated)


Unleash hordes of monsters on your enemies, while defending your base with massive towers. Upgrade and combine monsters into deadly combos, and outsmart your enemies through deep tactical game play.

18 unique monsters, with 4 upgrade levels per monster.
13 unique towers, with 3 upgrade levels per tower and 3 upgradeable walls.
Up to 8-player online multiplayer.
Powerful AI for single- and multiplayer games.
Multiple game modes, including Tower Wars and Tower Defense.

An array of powerful tactics and strategies at your disposal.
Synergetic combinations between monsters and towers provide rich opportunities for both offense and defense.
Engaging real-time gameplay facilitates a dynamic action environment, where every game is unique.
Based on a popular game genre that has apparently never seen a dedicated stand-alone game.
Full set of visual and auditory feedback provided as a part of combat, construction, spawning, and more.


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Unleash Open Beta Poster



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