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At its core, Unleash is about building rows of towers and spawning monsters to battle your adversaries. The more hordes of beasts you release upon your enemies, the better the income you’ll gain. Coordinate spawns and constructions properly to enhance their combined potential. Evolve and upgrade your forces at the right time to gain an edge over your enemy, both in offense and defense. Experience intense competitive action and find out what kind of tactician you are. Outsmart your opponent by unleashing a vast selection of monsters and towers on the battlefield.

After Earth is ravaged by wars, humanity reaches for the stars and expands its dominion across the galaxy. However, human nature remains the same and wars divide planets and colonies. On the brink of humankind’s demise, voices from the darkness reach out through the dreams of some gifted children and start feeding on mankind’s negative impulses. These children are named Dreamers. The more negative energy they absorb, the more peaceful the galaxy becomes. At the same time the Dreamers’ bodies become increasingly frail.

After years of peace and prosperity, the negative energies amassed by the Dreamers suddenly burst, resulting in an almost instantaneous spawning of terrifying, abominable monsters across the worlds with Dreamers. The monsters are eventually defeated, however opportunists see value in controlling Dreamers and their power to draw monsters into our world. Tournaments are created where champions battle each other with summoned monsters.

That is where you come in. As a new champion you must make your mark, and win fame and fortune in the arenas across the galaxy. Are you brave enough to face the monsters spawned by mankind?

UNLEASH Otherworldly Nightmares
Upon Your Enemies

  Players will return to an abandoned Earth to challenge each other on a journey full of monsters and massive weaponry. Unleash establishes the player as a competitor in a life and death galactic tournament where the goals are to build up defenses for your base and to spawn hordes of abominable monsters to attack and destroy everything in their way through the enemies’ bases.

  The game’s character arises from its ability to gracefully combine the gameplay of classic tower defense with competitive, thrilling, and intense combat. Furthermore, Unleash facilitates epic scale brawls between eight contestants, creating a unique approach towards the tower defense genre and more importantly, a unique experience for the player. In the early access stage players will encounter at least two distinct game modes : Classic Tower Defense and Line Tower Wars. Classic Tower Defense offers a nostalgic true-to-the-genre experience, while Line Tower Wars immerses you in an aggressively competitive free-for-all atmosphere.

  Published and developed by DeSync Studios, Unleash redefines the tower defense experience for both seasoned players as well as newcomers. The game seeks to revitalize the core mechanic of Warcraft 3’s and Starcraft’s custom mod called Line Tower Wars. We envision Unleash to stand as the spiritual successor to those community driven games. We plan to give the players the freedom to contribute to the longevity of the genre through in-game editors.

  The title is published and developed by DeSync Studios. For the latest updates and information, check out Unleash on Steam and our website, or follow Unleash on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and on Imgur. Unleash is scheduled to release in Q1 2018, for Steam Early Access on PC. For additional information and questions, contact us at pr@unleashgame.com or join our Discord channel.

  DeSync Studios are a group of young and passionate indie developers, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. People of vastly different backgrounds have joined together to pursue a common dream. Unleash takes an established genre and evolves it into a captivating experience full of surprises, running at a tooth-grinding intensity which will require players to make crucial strategic decisions. They will have to manage actively between reinforcing their defensive capabilities and besieging the enemy.

© 2017 DeSync Studios. Developed by DeSync Studios. Published by DeSync Studios. Unleash and the Unleash logo are trademarks of DeSync Studios. All rights reserved.


Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on our game project! We are always happy to hear from our players and other interested parties.


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Press Kit

Developer: DeSync Studios

Development: The game development started October 2016.

Press Contact: pr@unleashgame.com

Beta Download Page:

Store: Steam

Early Access Release Date: Q1 2018

Final Release Date: Q4 2018 (estimated)

Unleash hordes of monster upon your adversaries, while at the same time creating a maze of defensive towers to protect your base. Upgrade and combine monsters into deadly combos, and outsmart your enemies through deep tactical gameplay.

Discover the unique traits and abilities of all the 19 monsters the game offers. Each monster has 4 upgrade levels.
Set up your defenses using 13 available towers and 3 wall types. Each tower has 3 upgrade levels.
Invite up to 7 friends to play Unleash together. There’s no better feeling than proving to your friends that you are the best tactician ever.
Multiple game modes, including Tower Wars and Tower Defense.
Challenge Unleash’ powerful AI, both in single- and multiplayer matches.
Deep and powerful tactics and strategies at your disposal.
Find out your ranking within the game’s Scoreboards.


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